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Automation Test Engineer

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Are you our new Automation Test Engineer?

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We are looking for a highly skilled test automation engineer to design automation tests. Test automation engineers' duties include designing automation scripts and finding solutions for automation problems. You should also be committed to developing skills in order to provide up-to-date solutions.

To be successful as a test automation engineer, you should be exceptionally accurate and possess a superior mathematical aptitude. Ultimately, a top-notch test automation engineer will be proficient in programming languages and have excellent time management skills

Key responsibilities

• Understanding the Software Requirements specification document.
• Designing and developing test automation scripts.
• Make test cases with user stories or test scenarios.
• Using test automation guidelines.
• Researching issues in software through testing.
• Collaborating with Product Owner, Business Analyst and Software Developers to develop solutions.
• Organizing, monitoring defect management process Handling changes and conducting regression tests.
• Create a software defect tracking report entire project release status to stakeholders.
• Must be able to use all web methods like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE etc.
• Validate feedback, response time, error code.
• Able to validate xml and json body using json parser.
• Know how to use the OAuth and OAuth2 authentication mechanisms.
• Able to Load and Security testing on web services.
• Able to read and understand API documents.
• Able to get a good number of test cases and scenarios.
• To validate API and DB data elements, SQL queries should be good.
• Make sure the application is the free defect.

We are looking for

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, software development, or a related field.
• 3-5 years Automation experience is required

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