CEO invited to educate the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) on “Ultrasonics Now and the Future” with regard to 1. Fire Safety & 2. Watertight Integrity
Fri - March 31, 2017 12:31 pm     A+ | a-
CEO “We are grateful to the President of the IMO for the opportunity for our Head of communications and CEO to speak before the General Assembly and Maritime Safety Committee of the IMO in London to explore the opportunities to contribute to ship safety and to explore the development of the IMO SOLAS Convention. We are most grateful to Captain Christopher Balls.”
Coltraco Ultrasonics was invited to speak at the IMO by the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Services (ADOMS) (Monday 13th February 2017) at the IMO HQ, London. This was an honour and privilege for Dr Carl Hunter BA (Hons), FRINA, FIMarEST, Hon DSc, CEO & MD and Miss Clare Hunter, Head of Marketing & Communications who were invited to present. Invited by the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Services delegation who recognises two key issues in which Coltraco are experts worldwide today onboard vessels:
1.     Fire Safety, specifically regarding Fire Suppression Systems Maintenance
2.     Vessel Stability, specifically regarding Watertight Integrity Testing
Coltraco are pushing for the following:
  • Raising awareness of the risks of fire
  • The recognition that although there are adequate regulations in place, they are commonly misunderstood, misinterpreted, blatantly disregarded, neglected - this leads to increased risk and thus cost in the event of fire, even risking safety of life at sea
  • Education at all levels to implement the regulations
  • Issues of watertight integrity to be discussed, tied in with room integrity testing
  • New ultrasonic technologies are now available to go above and beyond current regulations