Fire Risks recognised by Shipping due to engine room fire incidences: Regulation Compliance via Safeship® Solutions
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·       Gaseous Systems Leak – it’s official!
·       Engine room fire safety measures
Safeship® Solutions?
  • Test the cylinder contents of fire extinguishing systems with Portalevel® MAX Marine: ABS Type Approved and UL Listed ultrasonic liquid level indicator
Convert the liquid level height into the weight of suppressant agent with Portasteele® Calculator 7” tablet able to record and download the reports
Here are some examples of articles leading publications:

Maritime Executive: Capt. Richard Madden on “Best Practices for Preventing Engine Room Fires”

“It is time, yet again, to review some of the best practices for preventing fires onboard - in particular, in the engine room. Chances are, your monthly SMS inspection and drills checklist has a box for exactly this check-mark. Use the time and talk about the items below. Take a walk around your main space and see what might be slipping through the cracks - literally and figuratively. Or, will you be the third ship?” “8. Inspect and test fixed firefighting systems on a routine basis. Systems such as sprinkler or HI-FOG systems must be maintained in a mode where they will be automatically activated. Too often, they are found with valves closed after maintenance or due to concerns about leakage.” Click here to read more.

Maritime Executive: Marine Fire Protection – An Ungoverned Space
Introduction to the problem of fire risks at sea, outlining the fixed fire extinguishing system, the regulations and solutions. Click here to read more.
Fairplay Daily Newsire: Fire risk grows as ships get bigger
Fairplay Daily Newswire publish evidence that fire safety is not fully comprehensive onboard all ships currently. “Firefighting equipment available on board containerships has not developed as vessel size has increased, and the marine insurance industry wants to do something about it.” Click here to read more.
Fairplay: Marine fire expert highlights little-known ship hold fire risks
Click here to read more.
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1 - Coltraco Ultrasonics’ CEO Dr C.S.P. Hunter presenting at the IMO HQ in London in 2017